Each sunbed in our studio is located in its own private room and the start of the session is controlled by you by using an electronic control panel inside the cabin.

All beds are sanitised by our staff after each session.

Room 1 Tanzi Avanti

This powerful stand-up sunbed has more than 50 lamps, huge standing area and smooth acrylic surface (no cages).Thanks to unique solutions we can offer excellent ventilation (air outlets put in several parts of the inside) and an even tan obtained by ergonomic position of lamps.

Room 2 Ergoline Classic 700

50 UV lamps, 4 facial tanners and additional 5 25W shoulder tanners provide an even more outstanding tanning results .There are also two separate super strong cooling fans. A fast and comfortable session!

Room 3 Ergoline Avantgarde 600

It is one of the best bed in the industry for people of all skin types, who would like to get the longest lasting tanning results in a luxurious comfortable environment. The ergonomically designed acrylic surface is contoured to your body to give you more comfort and also to eliminate pressure points for an all-over beautiful tan.

Room 4 Space Sun

This stand up sunbed is everything that you will ever need when you are looking for a great workout as well as receiving a golden glowing tan at the same time! 10 minutes on a power plate in sunbed can burn up to 300 calories. It is the ultimate tan and tone experience. Space Sun also offers cooling Aqua Mist Spray and excellent air-conditioning.